Sahin Tepesi
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Sahin Tepesi

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
  • Genre:
    Action, Drama, Romance
  • Director:
    Earl Hamner Jr.
  • Stars:
    Zerrin Tekindor, Ebru Özkan, Boran Kuzum, Aybüke Pusat, Murat Aygen, Esra Dermancioglu, Kaan Tasaner, Leyla Tanlar, Mustafa Mert Koç, Nese Baykent .....
The war of justice and power between two women who have stolen from each others lives - The battle two young persons have to give for their love in the midst of this war - The big secret left behind a death - Melek (Ebru Özkan) falling into Tunas (Zerrin Tekindor) trap, with whom she grew up, was accused of a crime she didnt do and was kicked away from the house by her father and deprived of the inheritance. Years later when she returns to attend her fathers funeral, she is a widow with two adult children. Her young love Demir (Murat Aygen) married with Tuna and they have as well two children. Her fathers will will be a big surprise not only for Melek who was struggling with two children inside debts but for Tuna too. Melek, forgiven now by her father has a right in the inheritance. Tuna who loves her husband obsessively, while worried she might lose Demir and also the fortune she owns, she is scared the most that Melek might discover the secret left behind Meleks fathers death...
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