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  • Year:
  • Country:
    UK, Sweden, Cayman Islands
  • Time:
    1h 33min
  • Genre:
    Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Director:
    Michael Winterbottom
  • Stars:
    Colin Firth, Perla Haney-Jardine, Willa Holland, Catherine Keener, Hope Davis, Margherita Romeo, Alessandro Giuggioli, Dante Ciari, Gherardo Crucitti, Monica Bennati .....
How do children respond to tragedy? On an icy road near Chicago, Marianne dies in a crash, leaving Joe and their daughters, Kelly, about 16, and Mary, about 9. That summer, a friend from Joes graduate student days, 20 years before, arranges a teaching job for him in Genoa. When they arrive in June, Joe starts teaching and the girls have the summer before school starts: Kelly quickly falls in with youths her age; their club and beach life leads to sexual awakening. Mary, burdened by guilt for her mothers death, is solitary. The girls take piano lessons, Mary draws, and she also sees and talks to her mother. Joe asks them, Are you okay?, but is that enough?
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