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Ghost Town: The Movie
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Ghost Town: The Movie

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    1h 55min
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Jeff Kennedy,Dean Teaster
  • Stars:
    Herbert Cowboy Coward, Bill McKinney, DJ Perry, Princess Lucaj, Rance Howard, Renée OConnor, Tony Becker, Stella Parton, Terence Knox, Sammy Kershaw .....
Dean Teasters GHOST TOWN The Movie, is a unique Eastern Western. It is N.C. native Dean Teasters tribute to his father Robert Doyle Teaster and Ghost Town In The Sky theme park. The theme park was a large piece of the childhood happiness for Deans family and many families since its opening in 1961. This story combines actual family facts of the Teaster family fictionalized into a story that encompasses the best elements of the staged gunfights performed by the Legendary Ghost Town Gunfighters throughout the years at the park. Many of the original actors have returned for roles in the film. Former Ghost Town Gunfighters Robert Bradley once known as The Apache Kid, Herbert Cowboy Coward GrandPappy, and Harry Valentine The Golden Voice of Ghost Town play pivotal roles in the film as does Alaska Presley who was one of the original park founders. Dean Teaster reprises the role of Digger made famous by his father. This movie was created to offset many of the Hillbilly...
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