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  • Year:
  • Country:
    UK, USA
  • Time:
    1h 56min
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Marina Abramovic,Matthew Barney,Marco Brambilla,Cecily Brown,Larry Clark,Sante DOrazio,Marilyn Minter,Gaspar Noé,Richard Prince,Sam Taylor-Johnson,Tunga
  • Stars:
    Goce Balkovic, Goran Brklja, Zoran Brklja, Ana Hamljan Colic, Goran Delic, Dino Dinoni, Zivorad Dordevic, Mima Dukanovic, Fikrija Filipovic, Aleksandar Gemaljevic .....
Shorts by eight directors examine the boundary between Eros and porn. A feral man masturbates with the aid of a whirling crankshaft; a sunbathing woman phones a doctor for a playful house call; a man with a quartz penis goes through lovemaking, castration, cannibalism, and restoration; a mouth and tongue, close up, lick viscous liquids of different colors and consistency; we watch a grainy film of a lesbian threesome, their eyes and genitalia crudely scratched out; a director interviews ten men, choosing one who picks among six actresses for a porn shoot; ink wash drawings become animated scenes of copulation; last, while an infant cries, a strobe illuminates adults at play.
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