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Friends with Money
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Friends with Money

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    1h 28min
  • Genre:
    Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Director:
    Nicole Holofcener
  • Stars:
    Catherine Keener, Jason Isaacs, Timm Sharp, Joan Cusack, Greg Germann, Hailey Noelle Johnson, Simon McBurney, Frances McDormand, Jake Cherry, Jennifer Aniston .....
Four women friends: three are wealthy and married plus theres Olivia, a former teacher whos now a maid. The marriages are in various states of health: Franny and Matt are happy and very rich. Christine and David write screenplays together, are remodeling their house, and argue. Jane is angry all the time and Aaron, whos an attentive husband, strikes everyone as gay. Franny sets up Olivia with a friend of hers, Mike, a personal trainer, and Olivia takes him with her to a couple of housecleaning jobs. A benefit dinner for ALS, an awkward guy named Marty whose place Olivia cleans, and a French maids outfit figure in the story. Is there more to life than its problems?
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