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Greener Mountains
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Greener Mountains

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    1h 29min
  • Genre:
    Drama, Romance
  • Director:
    Lee Shallat Chemel
  • Stars:
    Nick Daley, Chris Heuisler, Kimberly McCullough, Brad Raider, Kevin Durand, Nan Martin, M. Emmet Walsh, Michael Hitchcock, Curtis Armstrong, Beth Kennedy .....
Greener Mountains is the coming of age story of JP Barton, an adopted boy raised on a throwback Vermont family resort. Since being found as an infant by the mercurial aging owner, JP has essentially never left the resort grounds. But with the arrival of a young, free spirited New York artist, Alice Flynn, his sheltered life is suddenly turned upside down. Her arrival, plus a convergence of events, propels JP on a bumpy ride of self-discovery. Its not until JP accepts who he is, that he realizes whats most important to him. As a result he is finally able to win Alice and in the process save the resort. Greener Mountains is a story of finding out where you belong in the world and discovering that who you are is often more than enough.
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