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Graves End
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Graves End

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    1h 30min
  • Genre:
    Thriller, Mystery
  • Director:
    James Marlowe
  • Stars:
    Eric Roberts, Steven Williams, Daniel Roebuck, Valerie Mikita, Fairly Tull, Edward Perotti, Sky Soleil, Nick Stellate, Anthony Santucci, Joe Wyka .....
In Graves End, the four year-old son of the wealthy financier Tag Graves is kidnapped and the criminals demand a ransom of six million dollars. FBI agent Paul Rickman is assigned to the case that ends with the cruel death of the child and the disappearance of the requested amount. The kidnapper Luke Devilyn is arrested but is released after his trial due to fails in the evidences. He returns to Graves End, a place where the 666 dwellers welcome ex-cons rejected by other towns. When Luke Devilyn is found dead in the woods nearby the town, agent Rickman notes that the criminals that move to Graves End simply vanish, and he returns to the town for further investigation. He meets Sheriff Hooper and recognizes him from a case of bad temper and attitude with great repercussion in the past. Meanwhile, the psychopath Billy also comes to the town leaving a trail of blood behind.
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