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The Mighty Celt
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The Mighty Celt

  • Year:
  • Country:
    Ireland, UK
  • Time:
    1h 22min
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Pearse Elliott
  • Stars:
    Ken Stott, Tyrone McKenna, Gillian Anderson, Richard Dormer, Sean McGinley, Robert Carlyle, Bernard Manning, Mark McCavanagh, John Travers, Alison Finnegan .....
Donal is a 14-year old who develops a passion for greyhound racing. He works in a kennel, which is owned by Good Joe. Good Joe promises Donal ownership of Donals favorite greyhound, The Mighty Celt, if the animal wins three races in a row. Meanwhile, Donals mother, Kate, must adjust her life when O, a man from her past, returns. The political climate of Ireland serves as the backdrop of this story.
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