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  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    2h 5min
  • Genre:
    Crime, Drama, Romance
  • Director:
    Ole Christian Madsen
  • Stars:
    Signe Egholm Olsen, Claus Riis Ãstergaard, Thure Lindhardt, Farshad Kholghi, Thomas L. Corneliussen, Pernille Vallentin, Signe Vaupel, Rudi Køhnke, Maria Stenz, Finn Storgaard .....
Angels in Fast Motion, or Nordkraft to give it its original Danish title, follows the fate of three youthful people in their twenties, as they each fight a personal battle with drugs that weaves together three distinct storylines. The film is an, unflinching and brutal story of addiction in a cruel and depressive world, but with a little thought of hope and love through its core. It all takes place in the grey Aalborg as a striking backdrop and we get introduced for Maria, Allan and Steso. Maria (_Signe Egholm Olsen_) is a pusher frau, as she call herself, or a drugs trafficker. She lives with her dealer boyfriend Asger (_Thomas L. Corneliussen_), a former doorman whose education as a tattooist is financed by drugs, that Maria smuggles in from Copenhagen. But Asger is unable to give her the love and affection she needs, so all the time Maria is waiting--Waiting for love. Suddenly Maria does not want to make any more trips and that leads to the introduction of Hossein (_Farshad ...
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