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Song for a Raggy Boy
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Song for a Raggy Boy

  • Year:
  • Country:
    Ireland, UK, Denmark, Spain
  • Time:
    1h 34min
  • Genre:
    Drama, History
  • Director:
    Aisling Walsh
  • Stars:
    Aidan Quinn, Iain Glen, Marc Warren, Dudley Sutton, Alan Devlin, Stuart Graham, John Travers, Chris Newman, Andrew Simpson, Mark Butler .....
In 1939 William Franklin, an anti-Franco veteran of the bloody Spanish Civil War, arrives as first-ever lay teacher in a strict Catholic Reformatory and Industrial School for wayward boys. He soon learns the academic challenge is formidable, many boys being still illiterate, but gradually earns their trust, respect, in time almost devotion, with paternal kindness, making the layman the opposite of the cruel prefect, brother John, who frequently administers painful and humiliating punishments, even the gentle, old superior Father Damian has no authority against his disciplinary mandate from the grim bishop Conlon. Slowly even class rebel Liam Mercier is turned around, trough his gift for literature. After Franklin dares stop the sadists penny-weighted strap severely striking sinful scum for a futility, the whole dorm is treated to an icy night outdoors, arms outstretched wearing only shorts. Brother Macs mind may mean to educate well, his flesh is too weak for celibacy, so the ...
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