The Darker Side of Paradise (2021) Free Streaming Online Australian
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The Darker Side of Paradise (2021) Free Streaming Online Australian

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Peter Turner
  • Stars:
    Graham K. Furness, Emilio Spinosa, Jess Glasgow, Mark Batty, Vivian Dao, Pete Surfaroo, Nataya, Angela Baker, Manuela Darling, Maryne Glas .....
The undisputed drug lord of Surfers Paradise has always been Jake Thorpe. Nobody has ever dared to challenge his authority...until now. Young brash drug driven would-bes with more dollars than sense, sometimes decide to overthrow the undisputed king. They never succeed but have to face the consequences of Jakes Justice. This time, one of the young ambitious fools succeeds...Jake is is assassinated, now the city has a problem. Catch Jakes murderer or the city will erupt in a huge explosion of blood, drugs and revenge. Only three honest cops can prevent the coming drug war. One hard bitten old style cop and two young, sharp, and highly trained officers, stand between the cops getting their man and total disaster at the hand of Jakes vengeful window.
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