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I Went Down (Watch movies online)
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I Went Down (Watch movies online)

  • Year:
  • Country:
    Ireland, UK, USA
  • Time:
    1h 47min
  • Genre:
    Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Director:
    Paddy Breathnach
  • Stars:
    Peter McDonald, Antoine Byrne, David Wilmot, Michael McElhatton, Brendan Gleeson, Joe Gallagher, Tony Doyle, Liam Regan, Kevin Hely, Eamonn Hunt .....
Fresh out of prison, Git rescues a former best friend (now living with Gits girlfriend) from a beating at the hands of loan sharks. Hes now in trouble with the mob boss, Tom French, who sends Git to Cork with another debtor, Bunny Kelly, to find a guy named Frank Grogan, and take him to a man with a friendly face at a shack across a bog. Its a tougher assignment than it seems: Gits a novice, Bunnys prone to rash acts, Frank doesnt want to be found (and once hes found, he has no money), and maybe Toms planning to murder Frank, which puts Git in a moral dilemma. Then, theres the long-ago disappearance of Sonny Mulligan. Whats a decent and stand-up lad to do?
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